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Good evening, I am thinking of buying a military Sharkhunter. I have read (that was few years back though) that Doxa was using Chinese parts in its ETA movement. Anyone with any reliability issues with Doxa? What was the outcome of that issue? Any problem with Doxa in general? Thank you.

That stuff was a few years ago, and as far as I'm concerned, a non-issue.

It wasn't that Doxa was using Chinese parts in their movements, the issue was the origin of the case parts/assembly. Doxa explained all of this several years ago, and in my opinion, was MUCH more forthright about the origin of their parts/assembly than most any other watchmaker out there.

The fact is that outsourcing is the way that most of the watchmakers can keep the costs down to a reasonable level. This is in keeping with the organization that allows Swiss watchmakers to put "Swiss Made" on their watches. The watch doesn't need to be 100% made in Switzerland to have this, much like the car industry does not have to have 100% German parts to make, say, a Mercedes.

I have no problem calling Doxa a Swiss watch, and very, very well made they are.

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