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seanuk said:

thanks for your comments
i shall try to take pics of the escapment however i will have to borrow a camera as my camera has no macros and can just take a pic of a watch face...:roll:
i have been talking directly to the people at the company, who dont normally sell to end users. they sell to distributors in volumes, however after several conversations with there marketing dept i explained the route to market via the internet to people like me.
i asked fopr a brown not balck strap as shown in the catalogue
they offered me a choice the colour brown
1 red/brown
2 light sandy
(i did not save the pics of the straps they sent sorry)
and a butterfly deployment clasp

the person i spoke to said they are interested in the forums (a tiny but important place where crucial opinons are formed IMHO) and would look forward to my opinions of the watch i ordered.

i shall review the watch (for what thats worth)
the strap
the deployment
and post pics

i took the plunge and will hopefully be plesently supprised :)think: )
its here

inital impressions are .......hypnotic tourbillon.. it turns
size 40mm x 45mm
winder 7.1mm
thickness 12.6mm

nice big winder easy to use (for those of us with big hands)
the finish is polished chrome
the crystal is lightly domed
the luminor onb the hands is green (i would prefer white as its brighter) this is the first point where the quality of the materials is highlighted
the strap is a nice colour as described with the lizard type graining its padded time will tell how it holds up
the deployment is butterfly with no release buttons second point as this makes for a fiddly operation but it feels secure and will no doubt settle down
the rear glass shows the blue on th escrews and the finish on the case is milled in stripes the wheels are typicaly chinese
the face is finly finished as you would expect the chrome ring surrounding the tourbillon has ten fine circular ridges with black 5 second markers .these hignlight the tuorbillon the face is black with seven ridged rings on starting at the center and going out to the numbers that are on a flat matt black contrasting outer circle.
the luminor on the numbers is only for decoration and not proud enough to last for any duration with no light.
the finish on the numbers is as good as you would expect . upon close (10x mag) inspection one of the numbers (4) is very slightly not spot on.

its quite loud is this a trait with tourbillons?
the middle hour wheel that can be seen above the tourbillon is of no quality (at 10x mag)finish and you can see the brass washer.

to sum up
strap 8-10
clasp 8-10
watch looks 7-10 (white luminor would make this 8.5 imo)
movement 7-10 (finishing on center wheel would make this 8-10)
tourbillon 9-10
value for money 10-10

over all 49-60
if you want to know anything else pm

sorry the pics are rubbish i dont have a good camera


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Re: tourbillon

I have a similar watch with same movement...Mine runs about a minute fast per week. I also have another Blancpain type flying tourbillon with a Seagull St 80 (Panerai Radiomir Homoage) hand wind movement that runs even faster. My most recent watch is an AATOS watch with a center wind Bregeut center tourbillon that keeps virtually perfect time. I think is a PTS Resources tourbillon.

Does anyone know if the center tourbillons are inherently more accurate than the flying Blacpain types or is it just a difference in the individual movements.

The Million Smart was $400
The Panerai Homage was about$600
The AATKOS was $350

So price did not buy better accuracy.

Any thoughts???

Any thoughts.
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