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Let’s go sailing

I got this watch for two simple reasons: 1. I wanted a watch with an internal bezel and 2. I really liked the blue accent on the internal bezel between zero and 15 minutes and how it contrasts with the stainless steel.

I am not a fan of chrono watches in general. I don’t like the second hand stuck in one position all the time and I find the chrono running at random times because I somehow inadvertently pressed the start button. Having said that, I do like the look of chrono watches.

This Endeavor is the watch I will wear the next time I get invited to a sailboat. The watch has a nautical theme and the chrono would work well in doing nautical timing stuff…whatever that is. Stainless Steel is shiny and it feels comfortable in the wrist. The internal bezel works very well and moves in both directions.
Although the watch is 46mm wide, it actually feels larger to me. It could be that the height of the watch is pretty much a straight line from the bottom of the casing. I have put this watch on in the morning and just before leaving the house, have returned to switch it over for another one because it felt too big.

It’s a watch that I cannot wear with a short sleeve shirt on. I need the end of the shirt to partially cover its size.

Here is my wish list of things to change in the watch:

· Not a big fan of the texturing in the watch face from some angles.
· The minute lume marks are placed on two locations on each minute and when its dark the watch looks like a spinning propeller. Might have been the design theme they were looking for, but it really does not work for me. The lume works well though.
· I keep hitting that darned chrono button at random times with my hand. Hate it when I glance at the watch and the chrono is running.
· The crown does not lock, wish it did.
· This watch should be a bit smaller.

I have no plans of getting rid of it, but if I had to give up a watch from my collection (gun to my head), this one would go. I have other watches I like more.
A personal opinion about Citizen watches. I own a few of them. They are by far, the best build watches I have seen. Some models feel expensive and others don’t, but the quality in the manufacturing of these watches is unequaled.

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Nice review. Citizen makes some of the best bang for the buck watches out there IMHO.
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