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I have just purchased a nice brand-new Longines Présence L4.720.2.11.8 from a city-centre authorised retailer at great expense and while I am generally very pleased with the watch, I see the following problems. When the hour hand is precisely at any hour mark on the dial, how many minutes away from the 12 o'clock mark can the minute hand be? Would a 5 minutes error be within Longines tolerances? When the minute hand is precisely at the 12 o'clock mark on the dial, how far away from the hour mark may the hour hand be? Would an error of half a division away from the hour mark (5-minute mark) be normal? As the seconds hand ticks around the dial, in the worst-case scenario how far away from any seconds mark can the hand settle before you would say the watch is faulty? Midway between two marks? The Longines 'Instructions for Use' supplied in the box cover a zillion models in a zillion languages. Under 'Adjusting the time – General information', 'Model with hour, minute and seconds hands and date', '3-position crown', 'Quick date adjustment' it states: "Pull the crown out to the intermediate position 2. Adjust the date by turning the crown in either direction. Push the crown back in to position 1." On my watch, with the crown in position 2 the date can only be advanced (1>2>3) but not decreased (3>2>1). When trying to decrease the date, the crown rotates but nothing happens. Is this normal for the model (and the Instructions incorrect), or is the watch faulty? Are there any restrictions as to when the date should NOT be adjusted, such as between 22:00 and 02:00? The 'Instructions for Use' are silent on this point. I know that all mechanical and electromechanical devices are manufactured within certain tolerance limits and I also know that I have purchased a watch and not a precision scientific instrument. Before returning my watch to Longines under guarantee I'm keen to know if in fact the problems described above are within the Longines manufacturing and quality control tolerances. I'd be grateful for any expert advice!

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Have you tried setting everything to 12 and then let it run for a day and see how it goes? I have watches that dont 'line up' properly set it all to 12 and then it runs ok.
For your date questions ive never had a watch that the date can be changed in both direction, but then again ive never had a longines so i dont know if thats normal or not. From what you have said i would say its no big deal but if you are worried just take it to a watch shop and get someone to look at it.
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