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Hello there,

as some of you might have recognized last week I did a first lume test
just to see how strong some of my watches are regarding their lume

As I told shortly after this I wanted to make a second test with only my
dive watches and under different circmustances.

Unlike my words in favour of this second test yet to be made I thought it was
better to keep the exposure time of the camera constant in order to see
the lume vanishing even more.
  • The exposure of the camera was 3 sec throughout the whole lume contest.
  • The time of the very first illumination was about 6 min.
Considering this second test I started at 23.45 and ended at 00.30
  • From 23.45 - 00.00 I made fotos at an intervall of 1 min.
  • From 00.00 - 00.30 I made fotos at an intervall of 5 min.
I am sorry that I didn´t continue making more fotos for example 1 or 2
hours after the last illumination. This would be for sure very interesting.
Please keep in mind that it´s already late and it isn´t that funny being in
the dark and sitting right next to a camera on a tripod and trying to keep
oneself from falling asleep. No computer light, no tv light... just darkness
and still the look on one of the more illuminating watches in order to push
the remote-control release of the cam in the right moment according to
the time table..

Hence I was really happy not to fall asleep and be able to present another
intersting lume shots including two new watches...

BTW I certainly would liked to have made more pics from more stunning
diver watches. Maybe I´ll get a hand on some of the great Seiko lumers...
who knows...

Note: At the end of the test you could read the time from all watches
without any bigger problems, even if it took you a little longer with the more
The Promaster 1000 and the Prodiver have been the most easy to read
watches followed by the Omega AC. The hands of the DS-3 are real surprising
but if this is all the watch may offer it´s probably too little... sorry.
I could have certainly prolonged the exposure time but I wanted to get a
result within app. one hour.

So please enjoy...! :-D

The participants - ready to glow!!!

23.45 Taking pictures immediate after 6 min illumination with 3 halogen spot lights

23.46 1 min later

23.47 2 min later

23.48 3 min later

23.49 4 min later

23.50 5 min later

23.51 6 min later

23.52 7 min later

23.53 8 min later

23.54 9 min later

23.55 10 min later

23.56 11 min later

23.57 12 min later

23.58 13 min later

23.59 14 min later

00.00 15 min later

00.05 20 min later

00.10 25 min later

00.15 30 min later

00.20 35 min later

00.25 40 min later

00.30 45 min later - who is the winner...?

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Re: Second private lume test - many pics!!!

Prodiver and Citizen tie....with the Omega coming in third. Great pics! The first ones are awesome lume shots!
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Re: Second private lume test - many pics!!!

Zidane said:
Prodiver and Citizen tie....with the Omega coming in third. Great pics! The first ones are awesome lume shots!
A superb bit of reference material. We all talk about this stuff, about comparisons, but this is the goods -- real documentation. Can't thank you enough.

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Re: Second private lume test - many pics!!!

hi andreas,

awesome pictures you did there again, thank you very much for that. the citizen and the stowa seem to be the way to go, if one is in search for non self illuminating (H3 vials) dive watches. the funny thing is, that - besides from their outstanding lume - the citizen and stowa hit my personal taste best, regarding in size and overall look.

regards, holger

p.s. is it okay if I put a link to your test in the KHS forum?

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Re: Second private lume test - many pics!!!

Another excellent test Andreas :-!, thanks for sharing it.

I'd say a tie for Citizen and Prodiver....mind you just shows how good the prodiver is as that Citizen has huge markers. I knew the Rolex wouldn't be very good, (my Rolex SUB was dreadful), but I assumed the Omega would be better than it was as most people rate is so high on lume. It also shows that it's not always the size of the lume but more how good the coatings of superluminova is.....the Prodiver has a double coating of superluminova, Doxa do the same double coating as well so would have been interesting to see a SUB750T in there as well to see how well that did.

Very interesting test. :gold

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If one watch had it's lume material applied 5 years ago and another watch is brand new, will that effect the test results? I guess I'm asking if your study includes effects of aging (assuming aging effects lune intensity).

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Thanks for taking the time for that. I have an incoming prodiver!
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since we are on the topic of lume's. Would anyone know if the Omega's Seamasters made from year 2000 onwards uses the same material? or is the a difference from model to model?

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I'm tempted to try this myself with the proper case and camera ... I've noticed that my watches charge up much, MUCH faster using a compact flourescent lamp (CFL) bulb, I presume because they are oscillating very quickly. If that's correct, they're probably activating the light-sensitive chemical, then during the "off" cycles that chemical is activating the glowing chemical. Accelerate that several times a second, and the CFLs in my home seem to charge up even weak watches super-bright in a few seconds.
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