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Hello there,

only a few days vacation left... thus I thought it would be good to
complete the lume test series with a third one. :-D

This time I have fortunately two more nice watches in my collection...
  • The Seiko Blue Monster and
  • The Girard-Perregaux Sea Hawk II PRO Titan
So I think it will be a good competition!

The circumstances equal thoses of the second lume test, except the time
of illumination (6 sec the second test before) and the overall testing time
(45min the second test before).

In short:
  • The exposure of the camera was 3 sec throughout the whole lume contest.
  • The time of the very first illumination was about 3 min.
Considering this second test I started at 00.30 and ended at 01.30
o´clock, so it took 15min more to complete this test.
  • From 00.30 - 00.45 I made fotos at an intervall of 1 min.
  • From 00.45 - 01.30 I made fotos at an intervall of 5 min.
Please make up your own mind and find out which one is the winner.
To be honest... all dives watches could be read the more or less easy.

  • the IWC with tritium coated hands/markers,
  • the DS-3 with MIIK customized hands (probably only one layer of SL? thus a little disappointing) and
  • the Speedmaster (no diving watch but to fill up the casket)
In my opinion the overall best readability belongs to the GP, followed close
by the Seiko, the PD and the PO. :-D
The Citizen is the pure lume winner, considering the illumination.
But because of its special design, the small dial size and the blue color it´s
sometimes hard to focus on the time at first sight. B-)

Note: I didn´t set the GP properly considering the minute hand...
and I didn´t set the Seiko´s bezel correctly. Sorry for that... it´s time to go to sleep...!

... now please enjoy ;-)

The participants - ready to glow!!!

00.30 Taking pictures immediate after 3 min illumination with 3 halogen spot lights

00.31 1 min later

00.32 2 min later

00.33 3 min later

00.34 4 min later

00.35 5 min later

00.36 6 min later

00.37 7 min later

00.38 8 min later

00.39 9 min later

00.40 10 min later

00.41 11 min later

00.42 12 min later

00.43 103min later

00.44 14 min later

00.45 15 min later

00.50 20 min later

00.55 25 min later

01.00 30 min later

01.05 35 min later

01.10 40 min later

01.15 45 min later

01.20 50 min later

01.25 55 min later

01.30 1 hour later

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That was awesome. It's something you always wonder about, but never get around to doing. Nice work, excellent photo's.
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