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I got my modern Poljot Kocmoc yesterday. Here, "modern", means it is the first post Soviet watch I bought myself, not counting the Vostok Komandirskie present from my wife.

After the fall of the union, Russia turned into a nostalgic phase with themes that commemorated earlier accomplishments. This watch is no exception; it commemorates the longest space flight in history. Three versions of the watch were made, each celebrating one specific crew; #15 (this one), #16 and #17. The watches were made in limited series, this one in 400 pieces. The case is titanium and the whole design is in my opinion exceptionally beautiful.

This is actually my most recent Russian watch, Poljot Kocmoc.

The caseback lists the name of the crew members.

I brought this watch to the office today, and immediately got comments on the design (which rarely happens). It is a looker for sure. This watch represents the 1990's in my quest for Russian watched from each decade. The quest is by the way completed now, so I will soon post a summary with photos of the complete collection; 1910's-1990's.
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