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Molnija Frankenwatches, opinions?

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I recently bought a couple Molnija "Frankenwatches". I'm a college student on a budget and wanted a decent mechanical watch. After spending more time on here than I should have (instead of studying), I ended up buying these two watches with Molnija 3602 movements. I realize that these are not fantastic watches, but I do enjoy the crazy faces, and its good to know that they have seemingly solid movements behind them.

Overall I am pretty happy with my purchases. They both keep time pretty well, the only complaint I have is that both of the faces are not centered, a caveat to buying these kinds of watches no doubt.

What do you all think? Have any stories, comments, advice on these kinds of watches?

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Yes, neither shockproof nor waterproof and personally I can't help but think what authentic collectible you can buy for the price of those two fantasies. However, I hope you enjoy them and didn't pay too much.

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To be honest these were my first buys other than a Moscow Classic Baykal that I bought from a good friend of mine. So, I'm not sure if i paid too much... out of curiosity, whats do you think a fair price for each would be? :think:
That's very hard to say but when I look on ebay at what these are going for (I searched "Molnija wristwatch") I think it would be hard to re-sell any of these fantasies for what they are asking. On the other hand if you buy an authentic collectible you may have something that will at least maintain its value and perhaps even increase. As a beginner, you are the target market for these watches and we've all been there to some degree.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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