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Nomos should have some manual-wind versions with ruthenium dials. Those run gray-brown. The low-ish contrast can be an issue, I'll grant. Not sure there's any version of a Metro with a dark dial, altho the color splashes there might be called more playful that sporty.

Mido and Tissot are coming out with Powermatic 80 Si models; the Si indicates they have silicon balance springs, IIRC. The Mido on bracelet:

Also available on strap. Jomashop had the strap version on sale; don't know if the strap was. (Always better to buy the bracelet version if you MIGHT want it. Aftermarket strap is trivial and not pricey. Getting the bracelet separate from the watch is sticking your jaw out and screaming HIT ME!.

Not overly sporting, I'll grant, but take a look at the various Midos and Tissots.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts