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Moonswatch Impulse

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When the Moonswatch came out I was not following the madness. I looked at it online and realized I could not order it and it has not crossed my mind since.
This week I was traveling through Switzerland, Geneva and Zurich airports. I walked past a Swatch shop in the evening at the Geneva airport so I popped in to look at the Moonswatch display (and yes I went and looked at all the other watch stores they have there). I asked the store clerk if they had any and she told me they were out, but sometimes have few in the morning.
The next morning I was flying very early from Zurich and as I am walking to my gate, there is another Swatch shop just opening. So I walked in and asked them if they had any Moonswatches. They had 4 different models (forgot to take a photo) so I picked up one (Mercury, no Moon or Earth available which would have been my choices). The guy wrapped the watch box in a nice gift box and I was on the way.
Last weekend was my son's birthday, which I missed because of this trip, and this will be his birthday present.

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Great - hopefully your son will enjoy his cool new watch.
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