We know not all of you are Star Wars fans, but given how much attention our last reporting on the Citizen Star Wars collaboration go, there are enough of you out there to warrant sharing the news of the expansion of the collection. New Citizen Star Wars watches have been announced today, amid the mountains of Star Wars memes that have been flooding the internet (points for the best one posted below). Of course the news would come on May 4th, because Star Wars Day, but you'll have to wait until until the Fall for four of the six new releases to be available for sale. All six of the references are quartz-powered analog/digital models with a slightly retro feel reminiscent of a Casio calculator watch-if it had been the wrist-mounted transponder of the Rebel Alliance. Each of the references has its own dedicated theme. Sticking with an almost G-Shock like configuration, these watches feature a range of functions, including an alarm, a chronograph, a second time zone indication, and a temperature reading.

Launched as of today, and listed alongside over a dozen other Star Wars themed Citizen watches, the Rebel Pilot and Trench run references are the first to make an appearance in 2021. The Rebel Pilot incorporates details like the Rebel Alliance logo and an overhead view of an X-Wing in its analog subdials, and comes with a stainless steel case and matching bracelet. In contrast, the Trench Run (also available now) features a black PVD case and bracelet, with design details from the gunner screens of both the X-Wing and Tie Fighters. Rather than sticking to one side or the other, this one is more of a nod to the classic chase scene that led to the demise of the Death Star.
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Later in the fall, Citizen will be releasing another 4 models in the same configuration, drawing their inspiration from R2-D2, C-3PO, Darth Vader and Boba Fett. The R2-D2-inspired model features white, blue and red colors as well as the distinctive patterns on the droid's body. The C-3PO-inspired model is the most abstract, looking somewhat like the droid's face. The Darth Vader-inspired model plays off cues from both the Death Star and Vader's helmet (in black PVD, obviously. Lastly, the Boba Fett-inspired timepiece not only has his signature colors, but the display at the top right is an homage to his helmet design in its entirety.

If you've paid attention to the imagery, you may have noticed there are two references in the feature image that aren't mentioned here. We've been informed that those references are for the Japanese market only, and thus no further details are being provided at this time. That's all we know for now, however details on these and other Citizen Star Wars watches can be found at the link below.

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