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more questions on Seiko sbpg001 features

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I'm almost convinced by previous threads that it's time to spring for the SBPG001 or 003, but I have two questions. First, in the world time mode, does it give you multiple city choices for each zone, like some G-Shocks do, or just one representative city? For instance, and this is the one I'm interested in, for GMT +2.0 does it give you a choice of inserting Athens, Istanbul, Jerusalem, or Cairo, or does it just offer one city -- and which one? Or does it just give you a numerical value, like +2.0? And second question, how do you rate the volume of the beeper for the alarms and countdown timer? Is it loud enough to wake you from sleep, from a nap, or to get your attention in a noisy situation?
Thanks for your help and advice!
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Thanks, Gaigin, for your speedy reply. This is very helpful. Omega X-33, that's an attention getter, even over engine noise. Enjoy!
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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