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MTG-1000 or MTG-1500?

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If you HAD to chose, which one would you get?
I know one is all analog and the other is a combo.
There is also a price difference, but try not to include this in your decision.
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I have the MTG-1000G. I really like to looks of it. The 1500 does not seem so classy to me. So, obviously, my vote goes for the 1000!

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The MTG1500 has more functions and is easier to operate

Its not a clean chronograph design

Im the owner of a MTG-1000.
If there would have been a 1500 when i pruchased the 1000, i would have choosen the 1500.
My vote goes for the MTG-1000, I'm not a fan of the busy '1500 display, to me the '1000 looks classier.
Thanks. I haven't seen either in the metal/resin yet.
Just the virtual world.
Oh, and I meant 'choose' not chose. I can spell - just not type.
I do have a Riseman as my only other G. So I'm leaning toward all analog.
Looks like the same movement as my GS1100?

A great watch for a bargain price!
I chose the mtg-1000 because I prefer the analog or digital only look over the combination of both.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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