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I was talking about Pierce1883
Pierce is an enterprise (or should I say a one man show) of Lars Korfhage, Dargun/Germany. The watch dials do not say "Swiss made" but "est. in 1883 Swiss" which refers to the foundation date of the old Pierce manufacture. Be careful though.

BTW: There´s no real swiss contact. For Switzerland and Italy there´s an address in Bolzano/Italy.
Yeah same company Pierce1883, funny they say Swiss movements, assembled and adjusted in would think final assembly/adjustment would have been just as economical in Switzerland , plenty of small workshops who contract... its only a stones throw away and they could have had "Swiss Made" on the dial legit.....maybe a more honest statement would be made in China with a swiss movement, packaged and adjusted (correct time) in Germany?? :)
1 - 3 of 24 Posts
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