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I have owned a new Vostok Amphibia with 2416b caliber for 18 Months. I sometimes have the problem of the watch stopping several times after winding it. I see the crown's outer thread is a bit dirty. It has always been kept well closed though.

A- Is there any maintenance/cleaning to do, that is, is there anything I can do without fiddling too much with it? Like "lubricating" of "cleaning", but the easy way?
B- Is there stronger than tooth-pasta+electric tooth-brush
for polishing the synthetic glass? Is it worth changing the glass for something less prone to scratches?
C- Can a watchmaker adjust accuracy of the watch (plus/minus) so that it does not have the +70 seconds/day of now? Or is it normal for a 2416B?
The watch was $70, so I would not like to invest too much... but I love it so!!!

Any help is welcome!
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