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My experiences with accuracy of 7S26. I presume it's the B model because the serial number is suggestive if 3/07 production date.

I've had my SKX025 for a couple weeks now, and have discovered a few things.

Position of the watch and energy reserve both play a HUGE role in how accurate the movement is.

I coordinated the watch to my Timex quartz digital and followed the time. When daily wear (8-12 hrs/day) and laying with dial facing up, the Seiko loses a second a day, or less. Super-accurate.

When I left it overnight with the crown up one night, it regained 10 of those seconds in just 6-7 hours!

A couple days ago, I left it with crown down for about 30 hours, and it lost over 30 seconds during this time. I've since left it with crown down for a fw hours, and it has gained about 5 of those seconds back in the past 7-8 hours.

Basically, once you figure out your individual watch's tendencies, you can self-regulate it without having to adjust the crown with decent success.
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