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Dear Omega-Lovers,

I really need some help in finding the right Omega vintage watch for me. Since I don`t have great knowledge about vintage watches I feel that I am the perfect victim of Frankenstein Watches. Since I recently graduated from university my grandfather wanted to give me a new watch as a present. Personally I feel that I am more interested in vintage watches and their history then in new ones. Gladly he gave me the opportunity to find the perfect watch for myself.

Skimming through eBay I found some watches that I find very interesting. Unfortunately I have no idea if they are true Omega vintage watches and how much I should pay for them. Furthermore I would like to get some information concerning the shortcomings of buying a watch on eBay (Repairs etc.).

I hope that someone could help me decide on my first Omega.

Here are the ones I found:

1. Omega Geneve Automatic Herrenuhr Stahl/Leder bei Omega (endet 12.11.10 21:23:44 MEZ)

2. Omega Seamaster Automatik Tag Datum Best Zustand bei Omega (endet 13.11.10 20:05:26 MEZ)

3. Omega Seamaster Cosmic Stahl bei Omega (endet 14.11.10 16:01:10 MEZ)

4. Omega Constellation Chronometer 1957 Stahl bei Omega (endet 14.11.10 17:00:06 MEZ)

5. OMEGA,Seamaster-Chronostop,40mm Gehäuse,Tachymeter,120m bei Omega (endet 14.11.10 18:20:25 MEZ)

I would really appreciate your help.

Kind regards,
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