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My first Raketa--quick question

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I am painfully new to the world of Russian watches and noticed there were a number of helpful experts in these parts. So I thought I'd pose a quick question.

The Raketa I just purchased looks to be in great shape--came with box, holster, papers, etc. It appears to be a standard issue late 80s 2628, with the exception of the КГБ overlay where "Paketa" would normally be... So my question is if this is just some goofy sticker some one slapped on along the way? Maybe that's fairly common for these watches?

I like the watch either way and will probably just replace the КГБ strap and wear it regardless.

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Thanks for any insight.
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Picked it up on Ebay, from a seller in Pa who claimed to have to have acquired it as part of an estate sale.

Here's a shot of a piece of paperwork that accompanied it, not that it will help solve any mysteries.

Text Font Paper Receipt Document
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Thank you for the pictures--I was hoping to see the insignia on other watches. Unfortunately, as mentioned above, mine seems to be more crudely done than those. Not gonna let that stop me from wearing it though...
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