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My first sub300t (and my first restoration)

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This is my first Doxa sub300t watch. It's a pre Syncron Sharkhunter, with the sailboat on back. I own it for more than 40 years. I stored it for years after watch fell and the crystal snapped. Seven years ago I decided to restore it . I went for two or three watchmakers for an estimate but In the end I decided to do it on my own. Had to redial/Relume, find a new crystal, gaskets, hands, bezel spring and movement overhaul. Took me a while and finally finished it a few days ago. I'm very pleased to wear it again (though I'm not planning to dive with it)
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Looks wonderful! I am seriously said you had to replace the hands? Those are so near impossible to find! Or did you repaint and relume them? Either way, dial looks wonderful, as does the rest of the Sub. Glad to see one more vintage Sharkhunter out in the wild!
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