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Hello, My first thread here ^^

Glad to be part of the family here, many informations and also poisons haha o|

Well, I started to develop an interest in G Shock watches since more than a year ago. My first G that time was G-9200 MS, Since there on, i bought many Gs but ended up selling them for some reason. ;-)
Now i'm more focusing on collecting 5600 Series in which, in my opinion, they have more formal looks and also have many collaborations with many things i favor. Well, i kind of liking anime and japan culture, and 5600 series has many collaboration with many famous animes.
One day, I accidentally saw a G-shock x evangelion collabs, and i spontaneously hooked up :roll:
I've been dreaming of them for so long, and i got my first DW-5600VT Rei Ayanami on June 2012.

Later then on, the watches become more and more rarer (lol the grammar -__-), and for unknown reason, my "curiosity" over G-shock went below the esteem, maybe this is a phase people called 'bored' or 'plateu phase' :p. I stopped buying G-Shock, and my last g-shock i bought was GW-2000D.

My passion of G-Shock just started again these 3 months, dunno the reason lol, but maybe my inner self want to be alive again and G-shock is the answer of that. :p

I saw 5600 Series still hook me good, and i was poisoned with my friend who wear 5600 with a red face. Damn it sure is hot. And then, my very first G-Shock purchase after a long "holiday" happened. I bought a GRX-5600 Globe.

To accommodate my new passion of G-Shock, i made some G-Shock themed t-shirt with some of my friends, just to not get bored lol
And it was loved by many people, i started selling them :p
Here's the t-shirt :-d

Finally, Last month, i saw 5600 Evangelion goes for sale, bought it, and here, is my new nakama who join the family.
DW-5600 VT Evangelion Test Type 01, or EVA-01! My long dreamed watch hehe

Anyway i can't get full family photo because i left my other Gs on my home :-x

Thanks for reading! My kinda long journey of achieving G-Spirit Once more! :-d
And thanks to you folks who poisons me with daily G-Shock Poison! o| :-d

*Sorry for my bad english m(_ _)m

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Welcome to the forum, Araragi. Nice collection that you have. I like the Rei 5600 too (or like Rei, actually, even she is mean at the end). But I don't have that model because of the sky rocket price. Please share the pictures of Rei G-Shock sometimes.
Thank you GShockMe. :)
The DW-5600VT Rei Is not here with me atm, but i have a few shots of her from the past :)

Keep hunting, sir. you'll have her someday :D

Welcome Araragi. Nice G's. you got. Enjoy your stay. It's a wonderful Forum.
Thanks mr.Deepsea_dweller ^^

welcome and the 5600globe looks great with bullbar
Thanks G-fob. Yeah it sure does look great. :D
I love it so much with the bullbar inserted.
Too bad the bullbar is having some paint peeling. I wonder what paint is suitable for it.
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