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I originally posted this over in the Café under the "Highlight of the Day" thread. This was the surprise I found while I was helping my parents move some sideboards and desks after they just had a new central heating system installed. As I was helping to put some drawers back in their desk, I noticed this wee gem sitting under a bunch of paperwork right in the corner.

I remember my parents had an old pocket watch that used to be my grandfathers, but the last time I saw it was about 20 years ago, and I didn't realise it was an Omega. Sadly the big cog was rattling about inside, so it does not work. My mum wants to see about getting it fully repaired and serviced, which is great new for me, as I didn't even have to ask.:-! I'm pretty sure this was the watch my grandfather used in WWII, so it would be great to get it back up and working again.:-!

Anybody got anymore info about this watch? Sorry about the bad pics as I only had my iPhone at the time.

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GSTP stands for General Service Trade Pattern or General Service Temporary Pattern depending on where you read. It indicates it was issued to the British Military during WW2.

British Horological Institute - Military Watch Information

Extracted from Omega's archive.....
ML 1140
International collection


  • Type: Manual winding (mechanical)
  • Caliber number: 38,5 L T1
  • Created in 1932
    15 jewels
    With special adjustment
Chronometer, Subsecond

White metal
Case back

  • Press-in
  • Full metal

White enamel, recessed small seconds, modern arabic numerals, with radium skeleton hands.


Not available

Water resistance


Ref: MIL 1140.

Movement with special settings (quasi chronometer), enamel dial, railway minute-circle with luminous ends, recesseded small seconds, modern Arabic hour markers with radium at every quarter hour, radium skeleton hands, half “bassine” case with nickel-plated, brass notch. Back engraved with “Broad Arrow” (large arrow) – typical of all the material owned by the British Army – as well as the acronym GSTP (General Service Timepiece) Y....., spherical crown and English-style round ring. The model was ordered in November 1943 and started being dispatched mid-March 1944. 20 000 pieces produced.



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Thanks for all the info mate. I'll check it out on the Omega site.:-!
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