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My HMT watches

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HMT Tarun: Tarun is the Hindi word for Youth and this watch is meant, I suppose, for the very young watch users. I bought this watch for a friend and a fellow WIS.

The Tarun with a new Janata that I bought today, again for a fellow WIS:

This Janata has a pressfit case back, my other art deco Janata has a screw back, so I guess it depends on what case stocks HMT has at hand while assembling the watches.

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Hey, I actually found an HMT I like. The modern, almost bauhaus look here is really nicely done for a dress watch in this price range. If the Janata were just in a bit more modern font like the rest, it would be perfect. But still, quite nice.
I respectfully disagree -- I think the handwritten script adds to the charm of the watch. It certainly does for my Pilot!

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The photos aren't appearing for me -- could be my computer, it's been acting up lately.

Hari, how ever did you get into the warehouse? Maybe you can find some of the more elusive models everyone's been looking for, like the rarely-seen white Pilot.

Personally, I may be ready to look at one of the HMT automatics. Would anyone have a recommendation on a model?

Anyone know how I can get my hands on one? Someone should make a sticky with members who can help procure these for other members.
Yes, there are several WUS members located in India who can help you acquire HMT watches. They are the only way I would trust getting an authentic item (there have been warnings about HMTs listed on auction sites like eBay being "reworks" with repainted dials, inflated prices, etc.). Contact the OP, for example, or look through the rest of this thread for more members located in India and PM them as well. Be aware that some models are very scarce and difficult to locate (it took a while to find a Pilot for my collection), and some may no longer be available at all; but, any of them you do obtain are most certainly worth the wait.

Speaking of which, can any of our friends in India recommend a HMT automatic to sit alongside my handwinding Pilot?

Nice haul, Hari!

Those Leos look like they are on expansion bracelets -- if so, that would truly be different from anything I've seen posted here.

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