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Abraxas, I am a fan and lurker on TZ-UK and 'the thread' made me smile. Yes; every post in it! I can't say that the 'N E W S' is subtle in real life, but it really, truly, isn't as loud in the metal as photos (though mine less so than the horrible stock photo) suggest. I was thinking about a series of 'hand in pocket' or 'headless self-portrait' pictures to put the watch's features in scale. I agree about the case profile. It's absolutely modern and luscious and I've yet to take a picture that captures half the geometry's allure.
Cool! I’ve even considered having the NEWS lumps filed-down … as if :-s. Without the lumps the bezel has a lovely incline (very Explorer II) … with which I might go as far as to say that a white dial SD Landmaster would look good too. Are you listening Seiko?

At the moment we have a chap on TZ-UK with an SD600, an SD200, and a MM300. :roll: :)

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