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My mini-collection

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It seems everyone likes the collage photos so I'm making some with the few Russians I have. It takes a while and I only finished 2 today. I have 4 more I'll try to finish tomorrow.

[1] My first Russian, Sub-commander T34x case Komandirske
Analog watch Watch Watch accessory Fashion accessory Metal

[2] Tank-commander, T34x Komandirskie, TiN coated case
Watch Analog watch Watch accessory Fashion accessory Jewellery
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Very nice classics in superb shape! Thanks for sharing. I would like to see one of your pics in your collage a little more head on.
you mean directly over the dial? I have a simple point&shoot and its hard to get a photo without reflecting the camera. I use a simple lightbox but these are the best angles for me. I guess you noticed the overhead shots of the backs, no reflection to deal with there.
You could try maybe 20-30 degrees and if you have a little reflection the other views would take care of that.
Good thing I only did 2 collages. I looked at the Komandirskie versions catalogue that is in the articles section and realized what a true collage it. Last time I made one was in 7th grade so I forgot how they actually look. Will work on them and post in the coming days
What software are you using? If you're not using it I would recommend Picassa. It's free and really easy to use which is why I use it for all my photo work...has to be easy (I own light room, & photoshop elements and never use them).

Hope you didn't look at NHT's collages! That's a quantum leap beyond what most of us can do. At least shows what's possible.
I guess it was NHT's images but his photos are superior quality anyway.
Not to mention his watches!
While I can't challenge NHT, here is my real collage attempt with my Paketa World Timer. The others may take more time to put up since I need a case-opener.

View attachment 578654
I think you're on the right track now. That watch is in fine condition. Thanks for sharing!
1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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