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My mini-collection

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It seems everyone likes the collage photos so I'm making some with the few Russians I have. It takes a while and I only finished 2 today. I have 4 more I'll try to finish tomorrow.

[1] My first Russian, Sub-commander T34x case Komandirske
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[2] Tank-commander, T34x Komandirskie, TiN coated case
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Very nice classics in superb shape! Thanks for sharing. I would like to see one of your pics in your collage a little more head on.
you mean directly over the dial? I have a simple point&shoot and its hard to get a photo without reflecting the camera. I use a simple lightbox but these are the best angles for me. I guess you noticed the overhead shots of the backs, no reflection to deal with there.
Good thing I only did 2 collages. I looked at the Komandirskie versions catalogue that is in the articles section and realized what a true collage it. Last time I made one was in 7th grade so I forgot how they actually look. Will work on them and post in the coming days
What software are you using? If you're not using it I would recommend Picassa. It's free and really easy to use which is why I use it for all my photo work...has to be easy (I own light room, & photoshop elements and never use them).

Hope you didn't look at NHT's collages! That's a quantum leap beyond what most of us can do. At least shows what's possible.
I'm using GIMP. I mainly use Linux and Picasa is not available for it. Google stopped its development. Now that I got the hang of collages with GIMP it will be much faster to do. Need some more photos though.

I guess it was NHT's images but his photos are superior quality anyway.
While I can't challenge NHT, here is my real collage attempt with my Paketa World Timer. The others may take more time to put up since I need a case-opener.

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Thanks for the tips guys. I feel bad that I didn't give you all an idea of what I have so far. I thought it wouldn't be so hard to make collages. The collages will come out great but they take time. So here are the rest:

Komandirskie T34x, Paratrooper Dial, Just received today:
Watch Analog watch Watch accessory Fashion accessory Jewellery

Komandirskie T92x, Tank Dial (Year 2002)
Watch Analog watch Watch accessory Fashion accessory Jewellery

Komandirskie T34x, Tank Dial
Watch Analog watch Watch accessory Fashion accessory Jewellery

Poljot Commemorative Hand Wind
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