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Contemporary BJWAFs (My Collection 1 of 8)

Beijing ZhuFeng - the one that got me into this mess in the first place
ImageUploadedByTapatalk HD1377122331.614027.jpg

Beijing BeiHai - the second most beautiful object in the Solar System
ImageUploadedByTapatalk HD1377122309.753530.jpg

Beijing ZunJue - the fourth most beautiful...
ImageUploadedByTapatalk HD1377122272.216596.jpg

Beijing ZunDa (white dial) - yet another beauty
ImageUploadedByTapatalk HD1377122297.455134.jpg

Beijing ZunDa (black dial) - hmmmmm
ImageUploadedByTapatalk HD1377122283.070429.jpg

Beijing Liaoning - a *dive* watch? By BJWAF? Surely not...
ImageUploadedByTapatalk HD1377122321.173372.jpg

Beijing Model One Reissue - must resist, couldn't resist, didn't resist...
ImageUploadedByTapatalk HD1377122341.924854.jpg

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More contemporary Chinese (My Collection 2 of 8)

Sea-Gull 1963 Reissue - everyone should have one
ImageUploadedByTapatalk HD1377122871.858569.jpg

Sea-Gull Sun Yat-sen - celebrates a Chinese hero
ImageUploadedByTapatalk HD1377122859.008027.jpg

Sea-Gull Dragon King - sub divers *can* be good looking
ImageUploadedByTapatalk HD1377122881.510221.jpg

Alpha Paul Newman, aka The Panda - ok, it's a homage. But just look at it!
ImageUploadedByTapatalk HD1377122827.968193.jpg

Maranez Layan - another homage, and Thai. But I bet yer it's made in China
ImageUploadedByTapatalk HD1377122845.278535.jpg

WUS 2012 Dual Crown - a flawed beauty is still beautiful
ImageUploadedByTapatalk HD1377122891.903792.jpg

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Vintage Chinese Mechanicals (My Collection 3 of 8)

Sea-Gull ST5 (blue dial) - wot got me into VCMs
ImageUploadedByTapatalk HD1377123361.947542.jpg

Shuangling 40 Zuan - stunning, innit?
ImageUploadedByTapatalk HD1377123339.964425.jpg

Shuangling 20 Zuan - equally stunning
ImageUploadedByTapatalk HD1377123313.811238.jpg

Tainjin WuYi - an oooooooold and cleeeeeeean Chinese watch. Ca. 1960
ImageUploadedByTapatalk HD1377123324.510178.jpg

Yanan SHI-102 - almost as old as the WuYi. Bought on a whim
ImageUploadedByTapatalk HD1377123350.348727.jpg

Sea-Gull ST5 (black dial) - wot, another ST5? That should be enough...
ImageUploadedByTapatalk HD1377123383.357681.jpg

Sea-Gull ST5 (green dial) - ok, now *that's* enough. Enough.
ImageUploadedByTapatalk HD1377123371.127545.jpg

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Fondly Remembered Part I (My Collection 4 of 8)

Parnis Radiomir Homage - handed it over to me dad when he admired it. Now he's threatening to leave me his Rolex Submariner in his will. Can I have the Parnis back, too?
ImageUploadedByTapatalk HD1377123784.092395.jpg

Getat Luminor Homage - thought I could wear a watch this size, but I couldn't. Shame
ImageUploadedByTapatalk HD1377123796.183869.jpg

Getat Radiomir Homage - never quite bonded with it like I did with the (amazing, innit?) Parnis. Too sterile?
ImageUploadedByTapatalk HD1377123808.952508.jpg

Getat California - actually, it's in with my spare straps 'cos the lug screws are all threaded. The strap falls off if I as much as look at it. Shall fix it, one day. Maybe
ImageUploadedByTapatalk HD1377123820.303163.jpg

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The Europeans (My Collection 5 of 8)

Baume et Mercier 18 Carat Gold - bought on a whim (a most expensive one, this was two thousand quid fifteen years ago) whilst on holiday 'cos I spotted it in a shop window. The perfct dress watch that I (erm) wore daily for about ten years. The gold case and sapphire crystal still looks fresh as a daisy. People forget that the prior popularity of gold was more to do with durability than with intrinsic value.
ImageUploadedByTapatalk HD1377210579.530888.jpg

Stowa Flieger No Logo Auto COSC - bought after months of plotting 'cos even I could see (after, erm, ten years)that a bloke can't be wearing a three thousand dollar watch daily. Good looking, a bit sterile, perfectly made and perfectly detailed. Reminds us all that Jörg Schauer is first and foremost an artist.
ImageUploadedByTapatalk HD1377210623.275041.jpg

Stowa Landeron 248 - bought on a whim on Ebay because I couldn't resist the price or looks. The gold-plate is all but worn away, but I'll replate it one day.
ImageUploadedByTapatalk HD1377210637.655728.jpg

Smiths Everest - a very good looking watch indeed. Wears nicely in the office now that I've swapped the heavy bracelet for a decent strap. The bracelet is excellent, by the way, but I just don't warm to 'em.
ImageUploadedByTapatalk HD1377210658.299938.jpg

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The Russians (My Collection 6 of 8)

Strela 3133 - bought from Juri Levenberg 'cos I knew I could never find a vintage Strela 3017 without the usual inner markers. Which is exactly what I found days after this was delivered. Ah well. Gold markers and hands are very nice indeed. And nice to know I have one of the last available 3133 movements that'll ever be manufactured.
ImageUploadedByTapatalk HD1377210969.047897.jpg

Vostok Amfibia 1967 - bought after a lot of worrying in case it's too big. Well, it is but somehow I don't care. I *love* this watch's vintage looks, especially on this thickish mesh. I call this my Bond villain watch, 'cos I could imagine any number of the baddies on the original Sean Connery movies wearing something just like it. 'Cept Goldfinger, obviously.
ImageUploadedByTapatalk HD1377210986.058841.jpg

Strela 3017 - dunno what happened with this photo 'cos it's amplified the inevitable dings and dial scratches way buying what yer see with the naked eye. Must try again one sunny day. Anyways, this is *the* Russian watch that I'd hankered fit since sniffin' around the Russian forum one sleepless night. Bewitched, I was. Rarer than hen's teeth, I understood. So I bought a modern 3133-powered Strela instead. Then found this, nipped onto the Russian forum to confirm authenticity, then snapped it up sharpish. Mine. All mine...
ImageUploadedByTapatalk HD1377211009.350996.jpg

Raketa 24hr Radio Room - my first Russian watch bought out of curiosity for a 24 hour dial. Opened up the package, took one look at the silver dial with it's reds and blues, and was bewitched. I *love* this watch. It's right up there with almost all of the vintage Chinese watches that I've grown to love.
ImageUploadedByTapatalk HD1377211031.841163.jpg

Raketa Red Twelve - bought from a pal 'cos I loved the archaic political statement of colouring the twelve red. How daft is that? But still it has its charm. But is it for me? Not sure, so inevitably it'll end up sold onto to someone who better deserves it. Ah well.
ImageUploadedByTapatalk HD1377211050.073763.jpg

Raketa Kopernik - bonkers, innit. That hollow moon "eclipses" the gold sun once an hour thereby causing Copernicus to spin in his grave. Still, a charmingly flippant bit of Soviet design.
ImageUploadedByTapatalk HD1377211068.491698.jpg

Poljot Signal Alarm. I briefly had two, but gave one to a pal who showed interest in it. Can't remember which, and too lazy to open the watch box to see which one remains. Anyway, the alarm is, erm, alarming. Jumped out of me socks when I wound it up for a test.
ImageUploadedByTapatalk HD1377211095.289079.jpg

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Vintage Brits (My Collection 7 of 8)

Smiths De Luxe - the oldest watch I own, being a 1953 model. It's gold plated, but from the times when gold plated *meant* plated and not just waved over a bit o' gold vapour. The dial is remarkably racy for its day; no numbers, tiny dots of lume. And it's British, sah.
ImageUploadedByTapatalk HD1377211285.823725.jpg

Smiths GB Crosshairs - good looking Smiffs from their less posh Welsh factory, see? Ca. 1967, according to the good book,
ImageUploadedByTapatalk HD1377211313.101294.jpg

Smiths GB Pembroke - a more retro looking Smiffs, this time from about 1964.
ImageUploadedByTapatalk HD1377211329.785849.jpg

Timex GB Army, Civilian and Junior - ahhh, therein lies a story of a 48 year old WIS, an empty bottle of wine (me second, hic), and access to Ebay; nostalgic to lay his hands on his long lost first junior Timex (sniff) wot I *loved* to bits. Literally. Anyway, on the third try the mists of time finally parted enough for me to buy a true Timex GB Junior (it's the black dial with a date), having erroneously bought a Timex GB Civvy (white dial) and then the actually quite collectible Timex GB Army watch. Shall sell the non-juniors off just as soon as I have the patience to deal with Ebay, post offices, wrapping, etc.
ImageUploadedByTapatalk HD1377211346.070999.jpg

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Been thinking this one through, and as I have 36 watches at the moment I'm trying to think how I'd make do with just one non-affordable.

Which I can't. So here's my minimum non-affordable list to replace my existing 34 affordables and 2 non-affordables. Oh, and the total replacement value of my collection (just counted it all up) is $15,000. The ten non-affordables below come to a heady $40,000.

But does anyone think I'd ever let go of my Chinese collection? Really? No way.


Tag Heuer Jack Heuer 80th Birthday Special Edition $4,000-5,000 - saw this whilst wandering around the posh watch section of an expensive Lisbon department store (Court Anglais) and was smitten at first sight. If there'd been enough headroom on my credit card at the time, I'd bought it then and there and seen if I'd have regretted it later. Capucho's are impulsive creatures, but not that day.
ImageUploadedByTapatalk HD1377430006.001085.jpg

Vintage Heuer Monaco CAW211D $5,000-6,000 - the existing Steve McQueen is lovely, but why pay $5,000 for a reissue when yer can have a mint original for the same price? Note the left-handed crown that tells yer this isn't yet another Valjoux 7750 inside.
ImageUploadedByTapatalk HD1377430022.459291.jpg

Omega Seamaster Professional 2254.50 (discontinued model) $2,000-2,500 - I'm surprised how much I like this watch, considering I'm not a submariner type of chap. Lovely, innit? And that bonkers dodecagonal case (word used to fox Vail) is just unique. Must have, will have.
ImageUploadedByTapatalk HD1377430045.183503.jpg

Vintage Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch 145.012 Cal. 321 $3,000-4,000 - similar point, why pay the same for a modern version when yer can have the original domed acrylic beauty for the same dosh?
ImageUploadedByTapatalk HD1377430119.625947.jpg

Omega Speedmaster Professional Mitsukoshi Special Edition $4,000-5,000 - ahh, now this one's hen's teeth. Probably best getting myself a 3573.50 (the hesalite glass one with the display back) and a repro Mitsukoshi dial and getting my tame watchmaker to swap it in.
ImageUploadedByTapatalk HD1377430140.427712.jpg

Junghans Max Bill Chronoscope $2,000 - just look at it. Just. Look. At. It. Look at it! Look!
ImageUploadedByTapatalk HD1377430157.018439.jpg

Rolex Explorer I 214270 $5,500 - the only way I'll ever let go of me Smiths Everest.
ImageUploadedByTapatalk HD1377430178.115073.jpg

Jaeger leCoultre Master Control Memovox $8,000 - sigh... The black-dialled "Tribute to Polaris" is even lovelier, but twice the already insane price; but not twice as gorgeous.
ImageUploadedByTapatalk HD1377430194.052951.jpg

Glashütte Original Sixties Panorama Date $6,000 - Glashütte have a few of these Sixties models now, but the blue-dial's the stunner of an already stunning bunch.
ImageUploadedByTapatalk HD1377430208.142188.jpg

Panerai Radiomir PAM00337 $7,000 - I know, I know. Seven grand for a bloody Radiomir. But if I'm honest, it was a Radiomir homage that got me into this whole WIS mess in the first place. So here's the real thing, but... it's more modest 42mm case ain't gonna stretch my shoulder muscle like the usual 45-47mm monsters. The design is popular for a reason; it's timeless.
ImageUploadedByTapatalk HD1377430226.279356.jpg

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High-end lust list

All photos nicked remorselessly from Google. All prices are averages from for mint second handers:

Office I
Jaeger leCoultre Master Memovox ca. $8,000

Office II
Glashütte Original Sixties Panorama Date ca. $6,500

Glashütte Original Sixties Square Chronograph ca. $7,500

Black tie
A. Lange & Söhne Saxonia Thin (white gold) ca. $20,000

Complicated for the WISes
Glashütte Original Panograph ca. $12,000

Jaeger leCoultre Memovox Tribute to Deep Sea ca. $10,000

Drop dead gorgeous
Jaeger leCoultre Master Grande Ultra Thin ca. $7,000

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Right cheek. Hmm, very pretty.

Left cheek. Even prettier.

Mesh is *not* the original, as that one's far too "fine" and shiny to be used by anyone since 1950. Straps and grandpa mesh the achilles heel of Max Bills. Junghans needs to wake up on this.

Max Bill's own design number font is also faithfully used on the date wheel. There're $10,000 watches that get that wrong. Just look at that four. Fabulous, innit?

Signature double dots of lume at twelve o'clock.

Beautifully integrated pusher housings. Like a detail on a piece of medical equipment.

Made in Germany? Oh yes. Very much.

Into the light box to pump up that lume...

...and the Superluminova gives an, erm, super lume.

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Lew & Huey Acionna, one of the few contemporary "western" watches to truly capture my heart. The silver dial is a prototype that I wheedled Chris into selling me. In spite of a few pre-production flaws, I *love* this watch exactly as it is. The black dial is number 13 from the production run. The bracelet is great, and *everyone* knows I typically shy away from heavy metal.

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