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Hi guys! I'm new to this forum, and this hobby, but I have caught the bug (not it's not swine flu!). I thought y'all would appreciate some pics of my 4 new-to-me Boctok Amphibias. 2 are from the 90s or later, and 2 are vintage originals (late 70s?).

I'm particularly proud how this one looks, especially with the "Breitling" style solid stainless band.
In a fit of stupidity, I tried to polish up the crystal with a Dremel (high speed) polish wheel...and ended up actually melting a huge gouge in the crystal. I was soo bad the ship on the dial looked like it was under clouds (of the crystal gouges). I was convinced only a new crystal would renew this lovely watch--but then I read in these forums how you can take sandpaper (or in my case a fine metal file) and take off a lot of acrylic--and finish with a fine metal polish and/or toothpaste. Well, look how it turned out! Thanks guys!

Next is a standard (tourist/reproduction) "KGB" watch; I like the green dial. Still can't figure out if it's automatic or its inner works are very different than the other 3 watches here...but I haven't wound it in 2 days either.

I really like these old authentic Soviet-era scuba-dude ones, with the royal-blue dials...and I'm figuring out how to get stainless bands to fit. I have the original Boctok band for both, but the quality of those 30 year old metal bracelets are atrocious. These excellent watches need a more dignified band that they had from the factory.

Those Tartarstani/Soviet/Russians really know how to make solid watches!
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