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Ok, first I tried this. It uses DW-6900E case & module with rasta bezel and fake bape band (no luck in getting a real casio rasta band for a decent price):

It looked cool, but it was too similar to my white DW-6900FS and to my white G-6900A.

Then I tried this:

DW-6900E case & module
DW-6900FS pink bezel
GLS-5600v strap

Wristshots on my small wrist:

If you are into colourful G's, and I am, the results in real life are too cool. I'm pretty sure that I'm not going to change it again. Then again, let's face it, maybe I try something new 'cause it's fun (except for putting the springbars in their holes, which sometimes takes forever). And you can't do that with a swiss expensive mechanical, lol!


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