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I don't know if this is the right place here in the forum, but I wanted to share some insight on a new camera strap, I recently got for myself.

So I got my first DSLR a few months back and was very happy with the handling and the photos that came out of it... :-d
I wasn't so happy with the strap that came with it, though... but I was rather reluctant to use the camery without, as it is quite large and expensive! :think:

So I was on the hunt for something else... I liked the straps from Blackrapid or Sniper but I'm more comfortable with a "classic" strap that attaches to the original holding points of the camera and doesn't attach to the tripod mount. (As I plan to use a tripod soon with macro photography)

I stumbled upon a popup advert from EDDYCAM in Germany...
They do offer finest quality leather straps made from scandinavian moose leather b-)

To make a long story short... I'm really excited about it! Of course it's not "cheap" but what really is? But let's look at that later...

I did order through their website, which was really easy and absolutely painless... ;-)
(ordered at thursday afternoon, package was shipped at friday morning, and I got it in the mail at saturday! :-!)

The delivery was done "carbon neutral" with the environment-friendly DHL service, wrapped in a small carton box closed with paperstrips, and packing paper... the strap itself was packed in a little fabric satchel - no plasic, no chemical odors - to the manufacturers, this really is an important point and I liked it too!

A first glimpse at the content:

I got the Fashion Black model. All black fits almost anything... I loved the red one, but I was scared that the white leather would soon look a little dirtied up... perhaps a black/red version would be better for me! ;-)
For DSLR and big guys like myself the manufacturer advises on the biggest version (6cm wide and 135cm long) which fits perfectly.

The great padded leather piece (with glued in natural rubber inlay) is showing the great moose-logo:

The leather quality is quite exceptional... extremely soft and flexible - I havent seen leather like this! The camera is never to heavy or uncomfortable. It feels like wearing it on a neoprene strap but still with that naturally warm and perfectly soft feeling of leather on the neck. The leather is about 2.5mm thick at each layer, so the edges measure a hefty 5mm! (with the padding in the middle the thickness comes to about 1cm) unbelievable, how flexible it still is! :p

The straps color is in the leather and not on it... so the color wont rub off... (I'll test this further as I'll keep shooting with this strap)

Here are some detailed shots:

The endpieces are sewn on heavy-duty leather and end in great quality nylon straps (which are much nicer, that on the original strap) The material is identical to car seatbelts - so there's no need to worry to loose the camera due to a faulty strap... moreover the clasps to secure the straps are done in stainless steel! and there are four of them (two on each side) to secure even the heaviest DSLR!

So I put it on my camera... just attached it the way, the original strap was done...

(for comparison... heres the original strap with the plastic clasps)

...and here's the EDDYCAM strap:

I had it on for two shooting sessions now and it worked just fine! I cant say anything negative... wears fantastic, looks great and performs just as it should!

About the prices... they start at 89 Euro and end at 199 Euro for the High-End model... my strap was 159 Euro (plus shipping) which seems a LOT of money at first glimpse... but if you look again, is that really so expensive if you consider the exclusive material, the handywork done in germany and the 5-year warranty...? :think:

I don't think so! I got watch-straps that were more expensive than that... ;-)

I hope you'll find this interesting and consider EDDYCAM if you're looking for a new camerastrap.

Cheers! :-!
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