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My new Orange Moster is on its way !

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Hi all, just wanted you to know that I just won an ebay auction for the OM on a bracelet - for USD150, shipped (it's less than half a price from where I live, actually it's about one third of the local prices for the OM) ! Can't wait to lay my hands on this watch already o| Now I just need to think of a proper excuse to my wife for buying another watch in the last couple of months ...

Anyway, pictures will follow shortly after the watch arrival.
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Congrats Sir! You will love it :-!

For the meantime, mine says Hi! ;-)
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Link to where you purchased it? Yes watches are expensive here in Canada too. One store tried to sell me skx007 for 500$
Whoa! You could buy 3 monsters for that with natos for each! ;-)
Nothing can be more exciting to us when a watch arrives ;-)

Congrats Sir! Looking forward to your pics :-!
1 - 3 of 22 Posts
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