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My new Orange Moster is on its way !

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Hi all, just wanted you to know that I just won an ebay auction for the OM on a bracelet - for USD150, shipped (it's less than half a price from where I live, actually it's about one third of the local prices for the OM) ! Can't wait to lay my hands on this watch already o| Now I just need to think of a proper excuse to my wife for buying another watch in the last couple of months ...

Anyway, pictures will follow shortly after the watch arrival.
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My favorite watch buying counter-excuse:

How many pairs of shoes have you bought this past month? (of course you'll be celebrating your victory and admiring your new watch while sleeping on the sofa!!)

Or there's always the non-confrontational approach: "Diamonds, that'll shut her up!" (just don't get caught admiring the lume of your new watch while, er, receiving "thanks" for the diamond. That'll land you on the couch too and have you cooking for yourself also.)

Cheers and congrats on the OM!!

1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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