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This is my honest review of this watch, i recieved it last night...

Ill start with the CONS....

-This watch, although there is an ALL BLACK version, the MTG-910-DA-1, is still pretty much all black despite the fact that the metal color outside the screen looks more greyish or gun-metalish. Thats not really a CON, but i would have liked there to be more color tone difference.

-The buttons on the side are kinda small and more difficult to press then most other watches. Not a big deal though. The LED button is the chrome button that has the "G" on the face of the watch.

-Youll have to adjust the metal band. No one has a wrist that big. Youll have to buy a really tiny screw driver.

-The LED light is a normal 'green'. i wish it were electric blue though.


-Watch looks cool

-Metal band and buckle look high tech and expensive

-Atomic time keeping working automatically, i didnt even have to set it.

-Its really not that bulky

-its now only 85 bucks on Amazon. I ordered last week when it was 91 bucks. its cheap for such a quality watch. I wouldnt have bought anything else.

but beware. this watch is alot "blacker" then it actually looks. It almost looks all black.
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