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I have always had a strong interest in things with a historic background, especially vintages watches.
One day I came across a vintage Ball pocket watch for bidding on ebay. Upon checking the photos provided by the seller, I found it to be a 1906 Ball-Elgin RR standard 17J pocket watch with a 14k goldfield flower engraving case. I immediately fell in love with it and so I just went for it.
Here are some specs I found on
--Adjusted: 5 positions
--Roller: Double Roller
--Jewels: 17J
--Size: 18 s
--Grade: 333
--Plate: Full Plate
--Standard: Official RailRoad standard

I have a timegrapher at home (I'm not a watchmaker, just a crazy fan lol) so I just ran it and it seems the previous owner ( I asked the seller and he told me this watch belonged to his friends' grandfather who used to work for the railroad service ) did not do a service any recently. The accuracy is somewhere around -5s/d but the amplitude of around 240 degree is really off (normally should be around 300 degree right ?).
To be honest, I was really amazed by the condition of this pocket watch. It's been over 100 years and now it looks just like new (apart from scratches at the back).

Here are some pictures I took:




Also, I have a few questions:
--Seller told me it's a grade 333 , rare high grade movement. What exactly does high grade mean ? And why it is rare ?
--Do you think this watch needs to be serviced immediately, considering the amplitude is really off ?
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