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I've been suffering this wonderful Seiko sickness for a complete year, so I figured I'd post a round-up of my collection to date.

My collection.

Seen here, from left to right, are:

HMT Pilot, white dial, on Timefactors olive drab canvas
Seiko SKX031, which is on Divestraps leather
Seiko 7005-8027 on Timefactors black canvas
Seiko 66-0010 (handwind) on a glossy, black imitation croc
Seiko 7000-8000 (handwind) white dial, 1970 birth year watch!
Seiko 66-8050 (handwind) black dial, on a solid oyster bracelet
Seiko 88-5051 stopwatch
Seiko 6300-8009 (handwind) blue dial, currently awaiting service and a bracelet
Vostok Komandirskie 3AKA3
Seiko 6309-729A for which I have an incoming William Jean SEL Super Oyster II.
Seiko SNK809 "Flieger" on black leather
Seiko 6105-8110 - all original; The grail!

Now, I may be a little bit eccentric (OK, completely barmy) but I'm not as self-obsessed as this post will make me seem. This is part self-justification for my spending, part my attempt to understand how buying one watch led to another, and wholly written in the hope of inspiring vintage Seiko lust among forum members.

So here goes my confession: I started off this terrible watch addiction late 2008 by buying two 3AKA3 (ie military issue) Vostok Komandirskies, one white, one black dial. I broke the white dial version moving the hands back and forwards to change the date - now I realize what a luxury a quick change date is. (I reckon a watch repairman could get it running again, but I much prefer the black dial.)

Vostok Komandirskie 3AKA3.

At this point, I was hanging out in the Soviet forum, but becoming disillusioned by the choice of modern watches with cartoonish dials (like, just who wears a watch with a missile launcher on it?)

I wanted a watch with a flieger dial. The Seiko SNK809 was, to be honest, the cheapest option.

Seiko Flieger SNK809.

This is the one that did the damage. I bought it in January 2009, and started hanging out here once I realized that it was a great little timekeeper.

At this point I began looking for a Submariner-type watch - Milsub rather than the blingy yuppie-favourite with the cyclops. I'd read about the various usual suspects, right up to researching MKii mods. But after a while, most of these began to strike me as straying a little too close to the source. I offend many by saying this, but I think that a homage in which the only difference is the logo is kind of intended to fool at a distance. Like impressionable females when you are introducing yourself. (I am, of course, a self-serving rascal, if not a downright hypocrite, because I will one day mod a 007 or similar with a MKii MOD dial and sword hands to create a wannabe CWC diver.)

So I got a Seiko SKX031, which I immediately put on a Divestraps leather strap. I began to see it as more Seiko than Rolex, which is a good thing to me.

Seiko SKX031.

Having had a brief Milsub fixation, I then fell massively, head-over-heels in love with a 1016 Explorer.

So I bought an HMT Pilot, white dial, which looks absolutely stunning on a Timefactors olive drab canvas strap. (Not a Seiko but still an in-house movement; based, I believe on a '60s Citizen design.)

HMT Pilot (white dial).

Inspired by such an old looking watch, I started to go all vintage.

I first got a 7005-8027, because it was dirt cheap, but we don't get on. The dial is too shiny and, frankly, a dress watch should have a crown at 3 O'clock. This, however, helped me to realize what I did want: a King Seiko. Couldn't afford one. However, I noticed that Seiko's more affordable watches of this era developed all the minimalist design vibes that became the King.

So I got the most beautiful watch I've ever seen - a Seiko 66-0010.

Seiko 66-0010.

I think this is dress watch perfection. Light shimmers across the silver dial. In low light, it is more readable than watches with lume, as it's designed to catch any available light. (Of course, in total darkness, you know what the winner's going to be.)

I still needed to deal with my 1016 problem, so I got a black dialed 66-8050 which I put on a solid oyster bracelet. I wrote about this at epic length elsewhere in this forum. (Ranting on at un-considerable length, me? Who'd have thought it?)

Seiko 66-8050 - the endlinks are a better fit than the pic would have you believe.

With black and silver dialed handwind watches, I set out to find a few more colours. I managed to track down a 6300-8009 blue dial, which is currently awaiting a service and a president bracelet. It will look stunning when it's all together. And a Seiko 7000-8000 white dial, a birth year watch! This has really, really short lugs and eats straps! I haven't really bonded with this. . . but I'm reserving judgment.

Seiko 7000-8000 (left), Seiko 6300-8009 (which is more blue in real life).

More recently, I've become interested in the classic divers of this era. This has come around purely through the pictures on the Vintage Thursday threads. Having read up everything I could find about buying a 6309-7040 I went and bought a 6105-8110 ("The horror! The horror!"). Then I got a 6309-729A, in late December 2009, because I wanted a Pepsi. It's going to go on an (incoming) William Jean SEL Super Oyster II to be the ultimate vintage Seiko beater!

Seiko 6105-8110 (foreground), Seiko 6309-729A.

My immediate focus in 2010 will be on getting the 6300-8009 serviced and on a decent bracelet, and then looking out for an all-original 6309-7040/9 and either a handwind King Seiko or Lord Marvel 36000. Less watch buying, but more expensive purchases. (A 62MAS would round things off, but not this year, or the wife will divorce me!)

My collection will be, essentially, handwind dress watches and classic divers.

However, please feel free to make suggestions for me - therapy? - and post your own pics. The more vintage the better!

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WOW...I thought I was the only one!!!LOL!!!
I've been collecting Seiko divers, must have about 10 now. I started with restored frankins then progressed to what I hope are original serviced watches.
I have a 6105 8110 that I bought a band just like yours for.
I also have a military Seiko like yours!

I agree with you about the Russian watches. I only like the plain dial ones not the cartoon novelty watches.

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Nice work Shambles. Your collection is heading in the same direction as mine. But mine is heading that way in 2011. 2010 is the year of too many other - not as much fun - financial commitments for me!

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Thank you for the prose and the photos. I have also been drawn strongly toward the vintage Seikos this year. Excellent collection and my appreciation of it is aided by the explanation of the thought process behind it.

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Nice work Shambles. Your collection is heading in the same direction as mine. But mine is heading that way in 2011. 2010 is the year of too many other - not as much fun - financial commitments for me!
Once again, you are being modest. You have some fantastic watches in your collection - as far as I'm concerned, you are one of the worst influences on this forum. . .

Does the financial commitment imply that you are looking to settle down - you know, marriage and mortgage and all that? (Not that there's anything wrong with that. I'm a family guy myself.)

I've been thinking about things, and my plan is to rotate my collection so I have five pieces I wear Monday to Friday, with perhaps an additional beater for the weekend. Something like the 6105-8110, 6309-729A, 66-0010, 66-8050, 6300-8009; maybe a 7002-7000 A1 as the beater, tho' it's possibly a bit too close to the 729A.

Aargh! I'm talking about buying more watches! I'm sick!!
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