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Hello all,

I first want to say I purchased this watch box with my own money, all views/opinions expressed are that of my own with no influence by anyone or anything besides my own warped mind.

I've owned several watch boxes/cases to house my changing collection through the years. I have an 8 slot fake carbon fiber/plastic/lacquer box with grey interior that I liked the most. Unfortunately I outgrew 8 slots pretty quickly and so I kept trying out new boxes. I was constantly trying to find a new box to get my collection into. At a certain point I came across N&N's Instagram and website, shortly after that, I came across a thread by @Yukoner1 here on WUS detailing his experience with his ginormous box. I was very impressed by the attention to detail and quality that was displayed. After some more dwell time, I inquired on the "Customize" section of N&N's website. I put in the initial 'idea' I had, here you select the number of tiers the box will be, 1 for just watch slot/general storage slots or 2 for a watch slot layer and a drawer layer underneath. I think I've even seen a 3 tier box recently. You pick the number of watches you want/need it to hold (2 compartments on that level are included for the price, you can opt to not have open storage compartments, I opted for only watch slots in my box), the materials of the box, inside and out, the size of the pillows based on your wrist size, hardware color and the glass top or the wooden top. I shot my configured idea out there to them and within the next day I had a reply from Nikita.

Nikita's reply contained some pricing quotes based on what I configured and he also included a few draft photos with dimensions on the box layout/options based on what I asked for. I was super impressed by this. He was sure to mention that I double check based on the box design I choose, the piece of furniture/where I put it on would be big enough to accommodate it - I thought that was super cool and immediately spoke to the level of detail N&N operates on. A few emails were exchanged, I asked for some photos of color combinations maybe not seen on the internet, he was able to provide some, and he was truthful when he said they hadn't done a certain color combination and apologized he didn't have an example to show me. Naturally I ended up with a color combo that was not done before. After a few more emails, I finalized my build with him in December. Since then, any major construction point/roadblock was documented and sent to me by Nikita. His communication is as excellent as his attention to detail.

Today, I received the box I spec'd out.
Check out the packaging on this bad boy - they do not play around.

After clearing some packing materials off - ahh there is the box. N&N provided some cool postcards of watch factories there!

Once all the outer packaging materials are removed we are left with this very nice black box, custom fit to my box. This sounds stupid to say/type out, but they are using premium cardboard. You can see the front of the box even hinges for easy access to the box itself, which has further protection on, in and around it. I cannot stress well enough how well this was packaged. They have this down.

Now for the box itself. I went for a 16 slot single tier, no storage compartments, redwood with blue interior with the museum glass lid and silver hardware. They include a very nice detailing cloth that is heavy duty but soft. The museum glass is so clear, it is awesome to look through. All of the hardware is straight on, faceted very well, everything feels very high quality and premium.
Just look at that woodgrain.

As I mentioned, for the interior I opted for the blue interior - and it is equally gorgeous with the same attention to finish detail. Seams are hidden, everything feels so high quality and looks it. In more light it is a rich and vibrant royal blue, with less light it is a dark midnight blue. Truly gorgeous interior. Each slot is completely covered in it in addition to the custom sized pillows.

The bottom of the box shows off that amazing wood finishing and attached feet to keep the box from rubbing on anything you place it on top/in of.

My pictures do not do this box justice, it is absolutely gorgeous, no corners are cut, from the communication, the packaging, and the construction of the box. N&N does an amazing job all around. I feel like I purchased a piece of high quality furniture that will last me a lifetime.

I want to touch on pricing - yes, this box is more than what you will pay for on Amazon. However, none of the boxes on Amazon are buy it for life quality. The N&N case is, from the customized cushions to not look absolutely smooshed or absolutely too small for some where the watch is sliding around on the cushion. The craftsmanship to me is well worth the price...especially considering people are paying $400+ for a 4 slot leather watch roll. Here you have the opportunity to get almost exactly what you want built for you, for your collection, and that's pretty amazing to me considering its price point.

Last photos of my collection in the box, it is so cool being able to see everyone in this gorgeous box together.

I highly suggest you reach out to Nikita at N&N if you are wanting a custom box. Check out their site: N&N Watch Cases - Boxes, Stands and Travel Rolls for Watches
You will not be disappointed! I welcome any questions you may have.
Thank you for reading my review!

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I meant to ask for the dimensions. I'm currently waiting for a Deferichs 12-piece box. I have seen some boxes that fit more watches but often times the extra slots will be in a drawer so you can't see all of the watches at one time unless you had the drawer opened. I like what he said about making sure that you have a piece of furniture that can accommodate it!
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