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Name your top five divers!

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Ranking time again! If you were asked by a friend who wants to get into dive watches to recommend five watches to him to start the search, what would you choose? Regardless of price, can be a Seiko Monster or a JLC Navy Seals.

Criteria should be:

Readability (hands, lume (possibly also on bezel, layout)
Durability (waterproof, shockproof, not easy to scratch or easy to get scratches out)
Ergonomics (easy to use, e.g. big crown and easy to grasp bezel but also comfortable to wear)

I'm not an expert but I'd say to look at

Rolex Sea Dweller (both versions)
Seiko Tuna (various versions)
Omega Ploprof
Swiss Military CX 12000 ft
Citizen Ecozilla and BN0000

To make this perfectly clear; I want to know what your suggestions are, not what is right or wrong with my list. I know next to nothing about dive watches, so I would like to hear from the enthusiasts and see which watches get the nod most often. ;)


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Bali'Hai Q- For when you need a grab & go quartz, great price

Felca Seascoper 3- For that "Yes i finally found it" moment

Blancpain 50 Fathoms- For an Icon that is not a Submarriner

Omega SMP- For when you need a chrono that works under water (Bond, white face)

Jenny Caribbean- My 1st girl friend was called Jenny

In reserve can i have an AP Royal Oak

They might not be the most reliable, accurate, durable.... but they are cool
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