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Im sure i am not the only one who happened to browse Amazon to seek out some NATO Straps. As buying from amazon is just easy.

And one dealer happens to offer a large selection of NATO Straps at reasonable prices: Clockwork Synergy LLC who is situated in Maryland.
Whom also runs an Ebay shop, Website, and here; their Amazon store.

I couldnt dig up too much information on the quality of Clockwork Synergy NATO Straps so i decided i would review it myself.
This is my first time making a review about watches and even NATO Straps so bear with me.

Now, a quality NATO Strap whom others state would be one with stitched in hardware, quality materials, and such.

Specs (by dealer):
Made of Ballistic Nylon
Stainless Steel hardware
18mm strap
11inches in length.

They are said to be made of Ballistic Nylon, now i believe them and they feel like so, sturdy, minimal stretch, now its roughlike but its comfortable.
They smell like an old cardboard/ watch/jewelry store. Which is fine.

The metal is made of Stainless steel, and its in pretty nice quality, no flex on the metal. all i can say, hardware is hardware.

Build Quality:
The straps and hardware are nice in feel, sturdy, durable feeling.
But The hardware is not stitched in, they are heatglued in. and the Heatglue job is not too sloppy though on the black one, id say its a tad more sloppy on the brown strap.

The tips of the strap are rounded off, and there are 13 holes which seem to be heat-reinforced?
The Steel Buckles are not removable.

Fraying? Im not exactly sure as i just got these, but a future edit could be around if i notice anything.
As they arrived, they are pretty stiff, im sure once they break in they'll start to wear better on my wrist.

Price/ Perfomance?:
I say these are a great deal on straps, which are around 14$ to 20$ per strap (with shipping costs)

And they have alot of attractive straps to offer. which i like.

and by Price/Perfomance ratio id give a 8/6 out of 10/10 ratio.

bottom line/ final thoughts:
I Would recommend them to anyone. Shipping was quite fast, and shipped in 1 day earlier than the given date from USPS or Amazon tracking.
Shipped from MD to VA, USA.

They are decent quality straps noneoftheless. A higher quality strap i would say would be from Countycomm, Crown&buckle, and especially Maratac brand NATO Straps.

But they are my first NATO Straps so i appreciate them for the time being. (because Leather isnt the best material for this East coast american summer heat!)

If there are any bit of info i missed, please do list anything.
Bought a NATO Strap from Clockwork Synergy? Share your thoughts!

Other information:
Watch used: Vostok Komandirskie #431186.

Strap width/ watchlug width: 18mm.

Total price of both straps +shipping: 26.88$

Shipped via USPS, Maryland-to-Virginia. June22,2013 > June26,2013.

Inexpensive, a band would be at around 11$ to 14$ w/o shipping.
Many designs to choose from. Variety is nice.
Exceptional Customer Service.

The Bands are 11 inches, Which is short to me as there isnt alot of material to tuck in on my 7.5in wrist.
Build Quality is questionable; Heat treatment job, fraying could be evident.
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I realize this is an older thread but want to add that Clockwork is a good supplier. I haven't tried the NATO straps but bought a few of the more unusual, leather backed, 2-piece nato's in 20mm. Excellent straps, and Clockwork seems to be expanding their line.
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