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On the left: atomic radio synched Casio WVA470DJ-1A
On the right: quartz dive Seiko SNE107

All right, you need to be a specific type of watch nerd to appreciate this.

Knowing it gains time ever so slowly, I set the Seiko several seconds behind when it needed resetting for the Daylight Savings changeover in March. My intent was that half way through the DST period - July - it would align just about perfectly with my standard time reference.

Well, here we are in early July, and the Seiko is right on schedule. The video shows it is just ever so slightly behind the Casio. I'm sure it will be dead on in the middle of the month.

My standard reference is my Casio Wave Ceptor WVA470DJ-1A, which gets its time from the signal broadcast from Fort Collins, CO. I let it update once a week or so, setting it on the windowsill to pick up a signal when I go to bed at night.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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