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Nearly impossible!

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To find a sport/everyday watch having:
-Automatic Movt.
-Stainless Steel case and bracelet.
-Between 34 and 38 mm.
-Sapphire Crystal.
-Screw down crown.
-No microbrands using Miyotas.
-Not easily beaten by Seiko.
-Not emulating Rolex or AP.
-Under 2K.

Update 1:
Thanks to a lot of work, and your help, Ive got my answer: Seiko Prospect Land. It is hard to say but it is nearly imposible to beat unless you pay such an amount that will make you look ridiculous. You go all the way up to Rolex Explorer or make your peace down there with a Prospex or Presage.

Update 2:
I have come down to the following:
1. Tudor 1926
2. Longines Spirit
3. Ball Fireman
3. Seiko Prospex SPB 241

I have considered too: Sinn, Hamilton, CW, Marathons as well as microbrand like Vaer, Batavi, Lorier, Astor + Banks and Archimede and I think they lack character, except for the Hamilton King Khaki, but it was to big over 42mm I think.

Update 3:
I have also considered Glycine, Presages, Tissots but they have no screw down crown.

Update 4:
***Well, I did it! And no need to Seiko! I went for the 38 mm Mido Multifort with the Powermatic 80 for under 500 on Jomashop. Pictures?
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The 34-38mm is the killer requirement. $2K also limits your choices.
Without accounting for the price part, there is:
  • Tudor Black Bay 36
  • Omega Aqua Terra (38mm)
  • Longines Spirit (37mm)
  • Sinn 556
  • A whole bunch of microbrands riffing on the style of older Rolex watches
  • Oris 65 (smaller sizes)
  • Various Christopher Ward models
  • Hamilton Khaki range
  • Certina 38mm diver
I agree! The size is even more killer than the price!
I would not take anything with a rotating or fix numbered bezel (not divers), but the screw down crown is something I don't want to miss. So, yes, a Tudor is a reasonable option in that sense. But again, I would hate the feeling of paying to much for not having a Rolex wich is mostly what I feel when buying Tudors or anything else (almost) than a Seiko! Please, help!!!
Glycine Airman 36mm

Glycine also has the Combat series in 36mm.
I love some Glycines! But not many have screw down crowns.
Miyota? Really? Why not Seiko then? Thank you!
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View attachment 17207591 ETA2893-2, screw down crown, sapphire crystal, ceramic bezel, tritium lume….. $1000
That's great for a diver! Im just a desk diver! Thank you!
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It is a cracking watch and does tick majority of the boxes for the OP. Unless a person is a professional diver don't think the average Joe needs a screw down crown
Right, haha! I am a surfer Joe :)
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Nah I think the killer is your need for a screw down crown, but you are rejecting divers at the same time.

Almost every watch company have at least 1, if not multiple options for you if you can forego the screw down crown requirent.
I think the same! I love so many that have not SDCrowns! Thank you!
View attachment 17207573
View attachment 17207574
View attachment 17207572 Ball streamliner automatic here, I got it for 975 on jomashop. I think they come in blue silver and black dials. Sits like something like a 39 oyster perpetual. Excellent watch screw down but I do believe it’s 38.5. Sorry doesn’t qualify! Disregard….or don’t. Oh and it has a wicked dial and balls on the rehaut
That's great! I thought they didnt come with screw down crown!
That's great! I thought they didnt come with screw down crown!
Your Ball is getting me there! Thank you! Would you chose it over a Baume et Mercier Riviera, or a Tudor 1926?
Let me ask: Why do you think you need a screw down crown? You know that the waterproofness is not increased or guaranteed by such a screw down crown?

Regardless, I would look at the Sinn 556 I RS and the Sinn 556 I B, the Guinand Klassik 37, the Guinand Serie 21, the Guinand Serie 155 and the Guinand Pilot Officer – the last three are chronographs though.
At Longines, you could also take a look at the Conquest series and if the bracelet is not mandatory, then also take a look at the Vulcain Skindiver Nautique.

PS: I would also think about the option of a second-hand purchase, then there would also be opportunities with more luxurious brands.
PPS: Also, I would recommend you to make a pre-selection yourself and not let the members here do your homework. A pretty decent source for research would be e.g.
Believe me, Ive done my work: ive been doing it for a week now, and just finished right now at 2:47am. My conclusion is unexpected maybe: Seiko.

Believe me, Ive done my work: ive been doing it for a week now, and just finished right now at 2:47am. My conclusion is unexpected maybe: Seiko.
Thank you!
The airman has. Their Combat Sub 36mm also has a screwdown crown.

Edit: Oh wait you don't like divers.
Appreciate it! Thanks!
What abou Tudor Royal? It's just over 2k
View attachment 17208004
It was a great candidate! It was for sure! The very last!
I would keep an open mind. Keep checking watch sales in jewellery stores, and keep checking eBay listings. There will be loads of options meeting your requirements without spending too much. If you don't necessarily want swiss made, you will see even more for well under your price target.
Thank you!
So Miyotas are out of the question. No to divers or rotating bezels or fixed bezels with numbers in the bezel.

How about the Mulhe Glashutte 29er 36mm
Case size: 36.6
Stainless steel case and bracelet
Sapphire Crystal.
Swiss Movement (modified SW-200).
No rotating bezels.
Sports watch.
View attachment 17207764

There are actually a lot of options, you just have other requirements that I think you should indicate in your initial post otherwise people will keep on suggesting divers or microbrands with Miyota movements.
I got it now, you are right.
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Christopher Ward Sealander 36 uses Sellita movement.
Thank you! I did appreciate it! It is every thing I asked!
The OP has edited the opener, until this significant change there was no restriction regarding microbrands with Miyota movements.

The opener now also says that he has decided on a Seiko Prospex Land – which of the 23 models in the series it will be remains unclear.
He just thinks that a Seiko Prospex Land – whichever one - is "unbeatable" and obviously hasn't heard about the quality problems that might await him or he ignores them.
Personally, I think his choice is the worst of all possible ones, especially since the Seiko 6R35 used in the models he is considering is not exactly characterized by accuracy and reliability.

But maybe he will be spared from such pictures… ;)
I would love to hear your suggestions! Thank you!
Boy it's been a minute since I've encountered an OP so willing to ignore the obvious. From the clickbait title and only responding to people agreeing it is hard to find watches with this criteria (it's clearly not), to eventually updating the original post with a left-field choice (proclaimed as the ONLY option outside of a Rolex). Just acknowledge you're wrong and that there's dozens upon dozens of great options that tick every box
Im willing to prove you wrong by checking your proposal as I have checked those by the guys proposing Ball, Christopher Ward, Archimede, Sinn, Glycine, Airman. By the way I havent decide on the Seiko. I am considering Longines Spirit, Ball Fireman and the Tudor 1926. Thank you!
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