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Need help authenticating a 168.0017

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Hi, so this is a 168.0017 double signed. I recently acquired it and for me, it seems legit but I'm not sure.

Note for parts that might not be visible: the plexiglass has an omega logo embossed in the middle and the crown & buckle is also with the logo. For the movement itself, I'm sure it's 564 since it has the "push-and-pull" quickest date (I don't like it, but hey, makes it easier to authenticate).

Oh, and it's near midnight now so the date is changing, last picture if you want to check the date font more clearly. Thanks for the help everyone!

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Looks like a genuine Constellation to me, although I’m not familiar with the Turler signage. Does look like someone tried to freehand re-brush the case though.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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