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The Watches retail for around 500 and up in my area. Although they are some pretty good ones in my opinion.(ie its Louis Vuitton owned and therefore its what I see as a Tag to your Omega, ie Fendi being the Tag and omega being the louis vuitton)

I've had my fendi nautical diver for 3-4 years now, paid a grand for it and very satisfied with the piece, eta-2824 in her, but since shes a automatic that might not interest you :D If you can post the model number (it should be on the back of the watch) then its pretty easy to narrow it down, I cant see anything in that caseback picture.

People underestimate Fendi as a real watch because of all the Fs in the design or because they automaticly assume its a designer watch. They have some pretty nice pieces but some guys are either too ignorant and don't see past most women wearing one, or they'd rather get a TAG or something for the same price range. I think it'll take 10-20 more years and a major revamp of the design to get it to the same status symbol as TAG (although I hate TAG and love fendi which is the opposite of most Fendi haters :(

I've found two things on my watch, its outlasted most TAGs as my beater, its not as fancy as my Omegas so it doesn't get recognized by most pickpockets :O lol so you can practicly wear it anywhere. Its been a good beater in my opinion. If you can decifer the model number on the back I can try to decipher the info on it.
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