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My name is Loi, I live in HCM City, Vietnam. Three years ago, I bought an Andre Mouche Florali 151-06071 on trip to Swiss for my wife. It was beautiful watch. She loved it. However, it is now got rust and the painting becomes brown. I think it's coating layer to protect the paint after finish, but I have no ideas about what it is and how to apply a new one. The watch band is plated by Palladium what is now rusted
Buying a new one is still an option to me, but this contained so much memories of two of us. I gave her this watch on the same day I made a proposal to her. Please help me.

Thank you so much.

Please forgive me about my English, if it bothers you.


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Some kind of clear lacquer would be my guess. Imho they are not made to last a lifetime.

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Hello Loi,

Welcome to watchuseek.

I agree. This kind of art watch was not designed to endure the rigors
of daily life. As you see, the problem is moisture. Even if you get a
local watchmaker to clear coat the dial, more moisture will enter the
case and degrade the finish and corrode some parts inside. Stainless
is readily available. So, I am surprised the band is corroded, but the
band could be replaced.

I hope you and your bride have some good memories from the time when
the watch was new. My suggestion is buy her a new one if you can
bring yourself to do it. Then maybe buy her a new Seiko Lukia from the
Japan domestic market for everyday wear. Lukia models have been a
good value. They have good features, careful detailing, and should hold
up for a long time. The prices have been going up, but you may find a
more reasonable price from a Japanese online company like Rakuten

I guess the aging of the watch gives a reminder that three years have
gone by. In the philosophy of Jimmy Buffet, it was "never meant to last".
I hope you and your bride notice this and make the most of every day.

That is my suggestion.

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