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Need Help Researching Vintage Omega

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Please help...

I bought an old watch at a yard sale for the Speidel type band on it. This is my father's favorite type band and he is always wanting them. When I bought it I never even looked at the watch face. After presenting it to my dad, only to find out that the band had too many links removed in the past, I actually looked at the watch. I noticed it was an older Omega. I am trying to find out some information on this watch but I am having no luck. There is a wealth of knowledge here so I'm hoping you guys can help.

On the dial it says, "Omega Automatic Seamaster Deville". The dial is black with gold hour and minute hands and a center post mounted "red" second hand (aftermarket ?). No numerals, just gold indicators of which the indicators at 12, 3, 6 and 9 are slightly larger and of a different shape. There is no date function. On the screw down case back it says, "Swiss Made, Waterproof, Steel Back, Bezel 10 Microns of 18Kt on base metal." There is no Omega symbol or horse. The watch is gold in color. Inside information is as follows: 22193220, Cal. 550, 17 Jewels, Adjusted 2 Positions." The crown is somewhat scuffed from the years as is the case.

I am wanting to know the details of this watch. Specifically, If it is genuine? Date manufactured? (1965 is my best guess). Is second hand an aftermarket addition? And an approximate value in it's current state as well as refurbished. I have found nothing online. No images of this exact watch. Omega vintage watch page yielded no findings. I can add pictures if I can figure out how. Also, I only paid five dollars for this watch.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.o|:-s


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The watch is from 1965 by the serial number. Unfortunately that is a refinished dial and it is a replacement second hand as you suspected. It's probably not worth much in it's current shape, but if you bought it at a yard sale for $5 you could make a few bucks on eBay for sure.
Not bad for $5. Gold plated Omega, it's been refinished and has some aftermarket parts, but you really can't go wrong for the price you paid. If it works I'd keep it as a toy. Not a bad haul.
I thought I had a best buy at $20. for nearly the same thing. S.S. with seahorse back and 550. From my Omega book the 550 is a good one being a simpler version of the 551 made for the chronometer Constellations.
550 17j. 551 24j
I'm not convinced that it is a redial. The picture is too fuzzy to see much, although the red seconds hand might be a replacement. For $5, who cares. Looks very nice.

That particular movement caliber was likely made specifically for export to the USA. The case is US made, from the description.

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