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Need parts for Seiko 5m42

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Hello all,

I have a seiko 5m42-0a19 kinetic watch which I dearly love. One day at work I somehow twisted or bent the crown, which promptly snapped off. With the magic of the internet, I managed to figure out how to take the stem out of the works. Now I have a stem with some threads on the outside of it with the remains of the crown still screwed into it.

I am needing the necessary stem and crown to make this watch complete - can someone tell me what the part numbers are, and where can I purchase them? This is my first foray in to watch repair, and I hope I can save this one. I think I will also need a gasket (?) to seal the back cover when I put it all together.

Just a question - why can't everyone make sapphire crystals? I haven't been able to scratch this one yet, and I really abuse my watches. I also have a seiko automatic with a hardlex crystal in which you can almost make out what time it is...... is there a way to buff or sand out the scratches? Or is it lost?

Thanks for your help.
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Ok - maybe I'm not using the correct terms - I'm including a picture of what is broken - the right side is what would be on the outside of the watch, except it is broken. It has threads, but I don't want to attempt trying to take it off - I would really ding up the threads on it, I'm afraid.


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Great!! Now, where can I find one? Ebay, or somewhere else??

Thanks for your help - it is appreciated.
Just an update - I found a donor watch from the watch collector and will expect it in the next week. It has a good stem and crown - hopefully I can just do a swap and have my watch back!!

I also need some guidance as to the gasket in the back - can I use some silicone instead of a gasket, or try to re-use the one that is there? It's not broken..... Just wondering what other do. If I have to get a new gasket, where should I look?

Thanks again for the advice - looks like it's paying off already!!
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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