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Hey all, I have a problem.

I have a gorgeous old Chronosport Mini Atlantis 20ATM dive watch in polished stainless, with purple face and brushed bezel ring, but no original staineless bracelet for it. The problem is compounded by the extremely close orientation of the pins to the watch case, which negates the use of almost any aftermarket model bracelet because they simply won't fit in that narrow space. In addition, using an aftermarket rubber style strap is also a problem because the rubber has to be shaved down so that it will fit in that narrow space, and I'm afraid that the rubber is so thin after the shaving that it will give out and tear loose. Therefore I need a complete original equipment stainless bracelet, in order to have this watch safely wearable.

My wife loves the watch, but I have relegated it to the DO NOT WEAR part of the collection until I can find an original bracelet for it.

Chronoserv may or may not have one for it, but they want me to ship the entire watch to them before they will deal with me, and their prices are a bit too much for my wallet, anyway.

So, if anybody knows where I can get one of these OEM bracelets I would appreciate it a huge bunch! Thanks in advance.
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