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New BR03-93 GMT owners (Red and Black bezel)

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Hi all,

I have just bought a new BR03-93 GMT (Red & Black bezel) from an AD and when I got home, I have noticed that they included a BR03-92 manual booklet instead of the specific model booklet of a BR 03-93 GMT.

When I went back to the AD, they searched their entire B&R stock and opened up every single box to locate the GMT booklet but they could not find it. The AD said they will contact the supplier to obtain the manual booklet.

I got a call from the AD a couple hours later and got told that B&R does not supply that particular watch with the specific booklet anymore and they just include a "generic" BR03-92 booklet with a new BR03-93.

I thought this was really odd as I have seen photos of the older non red and black bezel model with specific GMT manual booklets. I doubt that the AD is making this up as they were very accommodating and made the effort to search their entire stock of BR03 boxes to find me this booklet. I am really disappointed if this is true as there are no specific instructions on how to operate that GMT hand for that watch. I do know how to operate it, but as a watch collector I do look at attention to detail in everything and its really dissapointing that B&R wont even include specific instruction manuals for their non generic watches.

Are there any other new black & red bezel BR03-93 GMT owners here? Did you get a specific GMT instruction manual booklet or a generic BR03-92 booklet?

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I have an 03-92 that and in the long box....

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