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New BR123 Phantom

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I'd been admiring this watch in the store for a couple years now. Finally pulled the trigger and bought it for myself a few months ago (Christmas present from me to me). Just got around to taking a picture of it. It's my new favorite watch. I feel like it being all black is kind of unique. I've never run into anyone else wearing the Phantom, unlike some other watches in my collection that I see on other people's wrists from time to time. I'm my neighborhood I see a ton of Submariners and Tags (nothing wrong with either of those, but wanted to try something different). Very, very happy with my purchase. Just thought I'd share with fellow enthusiasts. Analog watch Watch Wrist Watch accessory Fashion accessory
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Great looking watch and welcome to the B&R family!
Thank you, sean.scott! Looks like you have quite the B&R collection yourself! Nice! Any advice for a B&R newbie? For instance, how often do you find they need to be serviced?
I've never had one serviced that wasn't broken (my fault, not the watch's). I think B&R recommends every 2-3 years, so if you bought the watch from an AD, it might be worth sending it for service at the end of the warranty. If not, I never bother unless there's an issue (I guess mostly because I'm cheap when it comes to that stuff :))

1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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