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New divers from Gucci...

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What do you guys think?

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What do you guys think?
Fashion clothes designers should stick to clothes IMHO:-(
They actually look pretty nice, too bad it has that name on the dial....
Well, it looks conventional, but for some reason, designwise, there is something almost feminine about it. Now that I see this picture here, I remember having seen it in several magazines, and I know I've unconsciously "dismissed" the watch as a woman's watch, because of the styling.

Regardless, it's definitely not my cup of tea, I guess it's too conventional for me anyway. If it were cheaper, it would be cool as a fashion watch (easy to match with casual clothes), but that's just about the only use that I could personally find for it. that said, I don't know how much it costs, but Gucci watches rarely come cheap...

for some reason, they looks cheap to me ..

maybe they are ...
I like the design of the lugs. Yes, the name lessens the watch somehow.
Not for me, but I do like where the date window is placed...
Im almost embarassed to say I think its kinda cool (minus the name of course)
Im almost embarassed to say I think its kinda cool (minus the name of course)
Same here
I like them. Especially the blue one. The dial is unusual,the crown is on the small side, wich suggests it's not a screw down crown. A 300m, could they be made by Fortis? Have no idea!! But I have the strange feeling that if the name on the dial was different, some people here might be drooling over these...
They look OK, but not my cup of tea~Cheers! ;-)
I think Frida Giannini is a very talented designer and she did a great job with this watch but I still can think of at least half a dozen watches before even considering a Gucci watch.
I like the shape of the case.
I like the dial and lugs but wouldnt consider buying one. The designer name comes off fashion watch even if its not. Too many choices out there to go Gucci.
That is probably the first fashion watch I´ve ever liked...wonder what it costs?

I agree that it looks feminine. In a good way, not in the dainty granny way.
Unlumed second hand. No thanks.
1 - 20 of 49 Posts
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