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New Gallery added to the Mk II Site

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We have added a Tumblr account to our site that will also act as our Gallery on the main site. We will be posting our own pics as well as an edited selection of customer pics we receive and ones that are posted on the forum.

For pics we pull from the forum please note:

* We will be assuming that if you post the pics on the forum that we will be able to post them on the Tumblr account.
* We will credit photos with people's handles
* If for any reason you do not want the photo posted to our Tumblr Gallery please let us know and we will be glad to take it down.

If you send us pics:

* We will credit you by using your initials and possibly the your country of origin. If for any reason you do not want us to use pics that you send us just let us know that when you send the pic to us.
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Very nice! I would really like to see all Torneks assembled together on the gallery pages.

Ok. We might be able to get the old photo up we had on the site. I will see if there are more TR photos on the forum.
That is great. I would love to see the Kingston assembly pictorial that you had on the blog a while back on there.
I'll see what we can do. We would probably have to re-edit the photos to fit best into the Tumblr format.
1 - 3 of 50 Posts
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