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New Grand Seiko Logo

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Can someone explain what happened to the thread regarding the above? It was taken down for some reason, but why? Rumor, truth, absolute lie? It would be nice if someone explained.

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Hopefully Seiko will put the extra space to good use and add something along the lines of "Transcendent Metronome, Formally Accredited" to the dial. I'm not sure if this has ever been tried before, but I betcha it would allow them to blow past that 7K price point I've been reading about.
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Careful, on average, the Japanese are not that good with English and might not catch the sarcasm.
I'm more worried about being sued then jailed by the giant from Switzerland for copyright encroachment. That's not an actual crime, but a company powerful enough to hold a permanent seat on the UN Security Council can pretty much enforce whatever laws it wants...and it's gotta be damn near impossible to saw through bars made of 904L steel so escape is out of the question.
It'll only work if the rehaut has SEIKOSEIKOSEIKOSEIKOSEIKO written around it. And center-polished links.
I got a good chuckle out of this - thanks! Seiko as Rolex...combined with the fact they could probably pull it off if they wanted makes my head explode.
Citizen's (weirdly named) "The Citizen" line is still out there and just as discreet as ever:

Watch Analog watch Watch accessory Strap Black

Even more so...for the person with a strong desire for pretty expensive watch that really is "just a <<Your Brand Here>>"

Watch Analog watch Watch accessory Fashion accessory Jewellery

I've been patiently waiting for a few years to see if they'll drop the power reserve on more of the solar models. The still don't compete with mech movements, but quartz is...and has been...another matter altogether.
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Now that is just peachy! Do you know the reference for it?
It's a AQ400-51E. They have a couple of other dials for that model - including blue - which I'd consider, but I've viewed the hugely impressive SBGA127 with my own eyes and don't think I could commit to another blue dial sight-unseen after that experience.
Please delete. Double post.
Link to new Grand Seiko logo. Brace yourself. This won't be pretty.
Gotta say...I don't mind it. I'd have left out the GS altogether, but when combined with the text on the bottom there's a nice boxy symmetry about the whole thing. Not sure how it'll play out on their more basic/bread & butter sport watches...I guess we'll find out soon.
I think they did's top heavy but more in harmony with the round case/dial. Like I thought, it looks substantially better on the big/busier/bulkier models. The lonely text on the basic sport watches looks a bit like government work...How I rank 'em:

  1. SARB-style dials: They should have stopped here. On a GS it would have been the magnificent pinnacle of the "It's just a Seiko" watch.
  2. Imaginary 2017 GS / SARB hybrid: Keep Grand Seiko on top but ditch the GS altogether then add a few lines of pleasant, non-boastful text underneath.
  3. Semi-imaginary ljb187 limited Domo edition: In design phase since around 2011...and not even MKII takes that long to release a watch.
  4. 2017 version: Symmetry gives it a leg up on #5. Going forward owners will have to tell people "It's just a Grand Seiko" when asked. Anticipating a few years past that and we'll be able to neutralize quizzical expressions to that response by stating "You know, the line of watches Selena Gomez, John Mayer and that guy from Kiss endorse".
  5. Pre-2017 version: Like a lot of my posts they had too many random words arranged in confusing and not entirely pleasing ways. Having said that the SBGA127 remains firmly at the top of my GS wishlist.
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